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How do I play Pets?


How do I play Pets?


The Pets game is a unique feature on Tagged that allows you to 'own', 'buy' and 'sell' other members like a fantasy team. You can compete with all your Tagged Friends to see who can gain the highest value or just buy and sell Pets as you meet cool new people in the game! To get started, let's go over a few basic concepts of the game:


Tagged   Pets   Home.png


  • 1) Earning Value- Increasing your value in the Pets game is easy- If you are 'bought' by another user, your value will increase by 10%. Your overall ranking in Pets is determined by this number.

  • 2) Gaining Cash- You gain cash in four ways: a) By logging in to Tagged every four hours, you'll get a cash bonus based on how many pets you own at the time, b) anytime you or one of your Pets is purchased by another user, you'll get half the profit (the difference between the new and old values of the purchased Pet), c) being the first owner (all-time, when the Pet's value is still $500) of any Pet will net you a $1000 bonus or d) converting your Tagged Gold to Pets Cash via the green Pets Cash Bar on your Pets - Home page.

  • 3) Assets- Your Pets Assets are calculated by adding your Pets cash + the combined purchase prices (their value when you bought them) of all the Pets you currently own (e.g. If you have $10,000 Pets cash and purchased 3 pets that were valued at $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000 respectively: your Assets = $18,000).  Your Pets level is determined by your total Assets figure.

  • 4) Wishers- All of the people who have added you to their wish list.  You can view them by clicking the Wishers link on your Pets - Home page.

  • 5) Pets- Any Pet that you've purchased will appear in the “Pets” tab on your Pets Home page. Make sure to take good care of them!

  • 6) Wish List- When you see a Pet that you'd like to own, you can add them to your Wish List so you can easily keep track of them and buy them when you have the cash!

  • 7) Achievements- Click the 'View all' link to see a list of all the achievements you've earned while playing Pets!

  • 8) Announcements- Various messages about updates to Pets and special offers will appear here periodically.  They can be closed by clicking the 'x' in the top right corner of the announcement.

  • 9) Rankings- Keep an eye on this tab to see how you stack up against your fellow Pets players!

Tagged   Pets   Rankings.png


  • 10) Browse Pets- If you're in the market for a new Pet, go here to find one you like! You can use the filters on the left to find Pets all around the world and sort them by Gender, Age, Location or Value... whatever kind of Pet you desire!  You can buy new Pets from the Browse page, or by clicking the user to see their individual Pets page!




  • 11) Buy Pets- If you're looking for a quick way to find pets, you can use this tab to view individual Pets within your filters and buy or skip them with a single click!

Tagged   Pets   Buy Pets.png


Now that you know the rules, get out there and work your way to the top and remember to have fun, because it's just a game! Smiley Happy


Check out this video for details on how to purchase your first pet: 




Pets cash is a virtual currency and cannot be redeemed for real money.  An increase in the Pets cash value of your Pets does not translate to an increase in actual dollar value for redemption purposes.

by hal on ‎10-05-2011 11:34 PM

I think the pets game is a total waste of time and stupid.  Its obviously set up for people who have time on their hands as a means to stop the emergence of boredom.   GET A LIFE 111

by Dewey Decimal jansky on ‎10-07-2011 12:05 PM

What is up with the browse pets? Is anyone going to fix it and this forum sucks,

by BabeShooter on ‎10-23-2011 01:16 AM

Why would someone be a wisher in my pets page and they have enough cash to buy me 3or4 time but they don't .

by bratt816 on ‎10-30-2011 09:02 PM

Someone please explain Level.  Why could I have more value, cash and asset then someone with a higher level....does the wishers you have add to your level.....why do pets ask to you to add them to your wish list???

by bratt816 on ‎10-30-2011 09:03 PM

Set not use under any circumstances.... It knocks down your money and level.... I don't get the point at all.

by Tamm1954 on ‎12-10-2011 09:20 AM

I have people listed under wish list that I never put there


by forgottenman on ‎12-28-2011 10:59 PM

I love the Pets game. You meet all kinds of people and a casual friendship may develop, just by saying "thanks"

What is the lowdown on the 'bonus' cash received during the purchase of your first 5 pets each day. Where does the money go? Who gets that cash!!!!! There seem to be a bug here. Please fix it. I have lost so much money or can't see yhay money at all 

by brendakennair on ‎01-02-2012 08:18 PM

checked my unblocked and blocked apps and they were all right. What else could it be? can not add or buy a pet what is wrong? been like this since i started. Please explain!!


by Mike-albi on ‎02-09-2012 01:19 AM

I cannot browse pets. Smiley Sad Why?????

by panamajim on ‎02-14-2012 03:08 PM

Thats true BUT...PETS doesn't "Level you up" when you meet or exceed the needed amount. Whats with that??? It says I need 20+trillion to go to next level. When I buy say 30+trillion NOTHING CHANGES!!! Even after hours or days...still the same level.


You need to fix this. PETS owes me about 40 levels or more.   Robot Mad


When will you fix this BUG????  Smiley Mad


Jim   Smiley Sad

by sexualpsychic on ‎03-31-2012 01:55 PM

I find it very disturbing that members are allowed to use photos of children. Buying and selling children is too real in this world, why make it seem like fun here?

by nancyb on ‎04-21-2012 03:10 PM

I agree with 'sexualpsychic'  PLEASE stop using pics of children - it is disgusting and should not be allowed.   This site and game are not for children so what's the point of using pics of children unless you want to attract pedophiles!!  Any other pics are fine as far as I'm concerned - dogs, those stupid flower pics everyone uses, even porn - who cares!!!  Thanks for reading.................

by wadwo on ‎04-24-2012 10:32 AM

what is the advantage when I set myself free in pets??


by Games86 on ‎05-28-2012 01:07 AM

How do I set pets so that only friends can buy me ?

by Davey_102 on ‎08-06-2012 08:47 AM

I have  $68,064,443,506 M in cash, but They are saying I need more cash to buy pets. There is many lower than this, but can buy. Any ideas? 


by christinanbubba on ‎10-10-2012 08:25 PM

I love pets, it's all bout knowin how to play that is wat makes it fun, plus I am n a group that is like family we help each other - check n daily n purchase from one another, we have Lucky Pet DAILY cept on weekends, Deal of the day.... (different ways for members to earn cash) we have a blast the key is to remember anything wit a purchase date older than 24hrs is tech. a dead pet (so if u have any on ur pet list, just send them a friendly reminder that you bought them to sell them to make money for both of you.) and remember that when you continue to purchase pets.  As for the non pet playas I do not play wit them, some do, I feel I am throwin my money in the wind, I kno that playa will NEVA shop on my profile, whereas a person that plays appreciates being bought & will in turn shop on ur profile as a thank you.

by daisygirl8684 on ‎10-12-2012 02:58 AM

I wish I would had this guidance earlier.... What is your suggestion for someone with far too many dead pets... cute!!! Wish I could put some up for pet runs.... But not sure what to do other than let them sit there in hopes they get picked off 1 by 1 but would rather it be a fire sale!!! Any tips or tricks You're wiling to share??

by TJpleasesU on ‎11-25-2012 10:38 PM

I did the same thing. I set most of them free then I learned the more pets you own the bigger your sign on bonus is. Yet makes you a less valued pet in the eyes of an owner. So keep some & lose some is my advise.

by getitboy on ‎01-09-2013 04:16 PM

What are the letter levels though?? Whats does say 199 M and 199 T mean?? and 199Q??? What do the letters mean???

by Silkyways on ‎01-18-2013 03:44 PM

Setting any Pet free decreases ur assets and hope of gaining a profit. I don't see why Tagged doesn't just take them and rerward the owner with cost of purchase. Instead they rather we take the loss. Not fair on their part when they are making millions on gold.

by AldoD on ‎01-20-2013 06:05 AM

Started playing Pets without referring to the instructions but referred to afterwards but I'm still cool with its concept of the game.

by Mustang1987 on ‎02-15-2013 02:31 PM

Same here I didnt read anything and still dont understand much about the pet game.  I'm trying to figure things out.

by Anne214 on ‎03-03-2013 07:08 AM

How come that I get to have pets, and yet, I don't buy them. I just get alerts that I have pets. Or my pets have been purchased. Also, this feature is free of charge, right? Sorry, new to this feature. thanks.

by ssjnel on ‎03-11-2013 06:48 AM

Pets game is some cool time consuming shi1..... I accidently got into it.. lol..    Not bad at all.

by therhythm on ‎07-17-2013 04:51 AM

I am new to this game and still wondering if I'm doing it right. Do I wait for someone to buy my pets that I bought from them and continue buying them back and forth? Am I supposed to buy larger value pets in order to earn a lot? Really confused.

by One-Hit Wonder catythbest on ‎09-13-2013 05:39 AM

where do the bonus go when you buy your first five pets per day, i never gets my pet bonus applied to my account. can anyone answer this question please. much appreciated.

by machupa2 on ‎02-21-2014 05:31 PM
How do I view my own wish list??????
by 444pete on ‎03-08-2014 04:25 PM

what the hell does S mean after my what I'm worth. There was a T, a M, Q, now it shows S.... hmmm cant find an answer anywhere on here..... please let me know!  Pete T in Cali Smiley Happy

by Ooops ‎03-25-2014 02:56 PM - edited ‎03-25-2014 02:56 PM

what if i did not ask to sell gold ?  and my account now has zero? 

by Anticorruption on ‎04-19-2014 02:15 AM

What gets Me is How I have Spent Hundreds Of Pounds On pets but am unable to Upgrade Account.

I Don't use Pay Pal, But I've Already paid for VIP Membership.

Many Times!!

Many People do not like PayPal!

After previous Erronous Encounters!!

Can You Upgrade my Account, Please!!

by mayma68 on ‎05-14-2014 12:26 PM

I have some people that send me nasty messagesabout purchasing pets. They say that I am harrassing them by buying back a pet that I owned before. They buy it and I buy back. They say there are rules regarding this. I buy the pets because I thought this is the purpose of the game. Please help?

by cinnamonpaper on ‎06-06-2014 12:39 PM

I see some other people have the same question I have, which apparently still hasn't been answered: What's the difference between S, T, and Q? I would imagine that an official FAQ list would include a subsection devoted to explaining first the premise of Pets and then going on to detail each aspect of the game, not cherry-pick the topics it covers.